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Mitra, S., Yap, J., Hervé, J., & Chen, W. (2022). Inclusive statistics: A disaggregation of indicators by disability status and its implications for policy. Global Social Policy, 14680181221077866.

Mitra, S., Chen, W., Hervé, J., Pirozzi, S., & Yap, J. (2022). Invisible or mainstream? Disability in surveys and censuses in low-and middle-income countries. Social Indicators Research, 1-31.


Conscientiousness matters: labor market returns to Big 5 personality traits in Indonesiawith Subha Mani and Helene Purcell  under review

“Occupations as Systems of Technology Skills:  The role of modularity and connectedness” – with Shiyan Zhang, Bei Yan and Jeffrey Nickerson 

“Difference-in-Differences in strategic leadership research: An integrative multidisciplinary review” – with Sibel Ozgen 

“The work ecosystem: Software technology diversity and the value of occupations” – with Shiyan Zhang, Bei Yan and Jeffrey Nickerson - Proceedings of the 2023 Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management (AOM)Best Paper Award.

“Not lost in translation: Machine translation technologies and their implications for the skills of language professionals” – with Francesca Borgonovi and Helke Seitz – OECD Social, Employment and Migration Working Paper

“Food coma: The effect of post-meal fatigue on adolescents' cognitive performance” – with Subha Mani, Jere Behrman, Arindam Nandi, Ramanan Laxminarayan

 “Intimate Partner violence in low- and middle-income countries: are women with disabilities more at risk?” – with Sophie Mitra and Katherine Theiss


“The unbearable lightness of lying: Leveraging the self-image cost of dishonesty” – with Utteeyo Dasgupta, Sudipta Sarangi and Marie Claire Villeval

“The impact of acquisitions on the gender wage gap within the firm” – with Marion Leturcq and Dominique Meurs

“Quiet quitting in the post-pandemic era: Unveiling the Perceived Control Channel” – with Hyewon Ho

“Time-of-day effects on adolescents' cognitive Performance” – with Subha Mani, Jere Behrman, Arindam Nandi, Ramanan Laxminarayan

“The Evolution of Occupational Identities in an AI-Influenced Labor Ecosystem” – with Andrew Chen, Jingyi Sun, and Denghui Zhang

“Chatbot usage and critical thinking skills ” – with Eren Bilen


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